Learn About Wild and Scenic Rivers


The mission of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition is to protect and defend existing and potential Wild and Scenic Rivers and broaden the movement for their conservation by raising awareness about their value. 


  1. Capacity: Build greater capacity for river organizations to be more effective advocating for Wild and Scenic protections.
  2. Advocacy: Protect and defend designated and potential Wild and Scenic Rivers and support the non-profit and agency river professionals who steward them.
  3. Communications: Improve communications amongst river organizations and with the public about the value of Wild and Scenic Rivers. 


Across the country, small and large river organizations do great work to protect the Wild and Scenic River System and expand it. In coalition we are a more effective and powerful voice for the conservation of free-flowing, healthy rivers nationwide.

Contact Us

Interested in joining the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition or learning more? Email coordinator Lisa Ronald at lisa.a.k.ronald@gmail.com or call 406-396-3607.